Wednesday, December 01, 2004

5687se mono block

My new toy, 5687se mono block amp. Posted by Hello
This amp has about 1 watt output.
As it is so boring to test the 23 stepped attenuator by meter, I find a 5687se amp kit helping me to facilate this job. The kit include everything, power trans, output trans and tube. Capacitors using 3 Rifa 100u 450V, couple cap using Rifa 0.1u.

Interior of the amp, Dual mono design. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 29, 2004

Order the Stepped Attenuator

If you want to order this 23 stepped attenuator or other items,
Please e-mail me .
It use HQ OCC copper wire for ground and 2% silver solder.

Monday, November 22, 2004

5687se close-up

Here is a Close-up, see using RIFA.
5687SE amp using RIFA Cap Posted by Hello

New Toy 5687 se Tube poweer amp

New Toy 5687SE power amp Posted by Hello
This tube has about 1 watt.
I use it to test all assembly stepped attenuator, each channel for 0.5 hour.
It direct connect to CD player and Coral 8" full range, cannot imagine the
1 watt which can provide enough sound, and it is really not bad.
Next project I am going to make a stereo and caouple with M7.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Installation of the Stepped attenuator. Posted by Hello
There are 8 pins on the attenuator, 4 pins for each channel.
The ground are the far left and right which connect the wire.
Next to it are the signal output.
And then are the input pins.
The 2 pins at the most centre are no use, leave it open.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Stepped attenuator

See, it is a great stuff, the second thing I chang that I can hear the different at once. The first thing I can tell is when on Kenrad 2a3 snstead of Sovtek 2a3.
I think that may be my ear is not really good. As you know the road of Diyer is long, during the years my system has changed many times. From cd player to interconnect cable.
1, the CD player, Myraid Cameo instead of Sony DVD 3000, just and just a little bit better.
2, Tara Lab reference and cheap AQ I can't tell different, so don't waste your money.

M7 close-up Posted by Hello

Speaker system

Top:JBL2420+2307 for CD
Middle:Diatone P610Ma for CD
Bottom: JBL4425 for AV
Speaker system Posted by Hello

M7 Pre amp

This is my second pre amp, the first project is Jadis 200. This amp follow the classic Marantz M7 Pre, hard wired, Jensen cap. It is dual mono structure, two Power supplies for each channel.

M7 Pre amp currently using with stepped sttenuator Posted by Hello

Audion EL34se 8w Ultra linear Posted by Hello The only ampifer I bought, all others are DIY.
This amp yet sound goods but of course it is difficult to compare with 2A3se when playing CD,
So it become the amp for AV pushing JBL4425.

2A3se 3.5w

This amp follow Japan Shishido semantic to built.
It base on Lofit White theory, Direct couple, using 12ax7 parallel drive 2a3 and Audionote output. The sound is great.
My second project Shishido 2A3se about 3.5w. Posted by Hello

Second, solder the R-out resistor

The R-out resistor ring Posted by Hello

First, solder the inner ring resistors, look like this. Posted by Hello
Try to solder the resistor to one end, leave the other end unsolder until join the R-out resistor.

A little bigger than Blue Alps

But the sound is :)
Nothing to say, it use the Vishay RN60D, Same Gold point attenuator.
Compare with Blue Alps volume. Posted by Hello

2 inches long

Finished look like this. Posted by Hello

When you finish the R-out resistors Posted by Hello

The stepped attenuator Kit and a assembly attenuator. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Diy Tube Audio

Wellcome to my Blog. I begin to keen on Hi Fi gear when I was very young (18).
On last 10 years, I crazy on tube gear, my first tube amp is 300B intergated amp,
it drive my JBL4425 excellence, which I want to put in rubbish bin when drived by
solid state amp for years.

In here, I want to share my own experience to those DIYer that I think which can save your money, or focus on some high C/P ratio gear.